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In the Grimm version The Frog Prince is basically a morality tale about how if you attempt to brutally murder your would be rapist he will be reformed into a handsome and respectful prince. There’s no kissing. I like it.

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oh my gosh i freaking love this 


oh my gosh i freaking love this 

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Bobcat Mother and Kittens by Tim Fitzharris


Bobcat Mother and Kittens by Tim Fitzharris

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daily reminder that minerva mcgonagall is metal as fuck

reminder she took 3 stunning spells directly to the chest and after being taken to st mungos brushed it off like nothing

Why McGonagall is the shit

This is why I will never accept that Harry didn’t name ALL OF HIS CHILDREN afterthis woman. He loved her so much.

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I marathoned Happy Valley last night and oh my lord did it ever live up to expectations. It’s like True Detective but with less manly bullshit and with a more elegant plot.

Now I must sing the praises of Catherine Cawood. She is such a real woman! Sure, she saves the day and is a hero, but she can also be a selfish bitch. There are so many different roles she takes on throughout the show and she is never reduced to just one of them. It’s glorious to watch. 

Also, I feel bad for the actor who plays Tommy because I can’t imagine seeing him in real life and not being violent towards him.

buffy meme - [7/7] quotes 
→ “but i have to save the world. again.”

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girls don’t want boyfriends girls want a seven book series about the marauders’ life at hogwarts

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Kurt Cobain’s letter to Courtney Love. The two would constantly leave letters/notes for each other to read around their Los Angeles apartment or Seattle home.

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